Spatial Light Modulator InView223

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InView223-A shown with flexible DMD mount.


InView223 – Controllable Spatial Light Modulator System

The InView223 is a high-speed, visual wavelength Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) system made for immediate integration into benchtop experiments. The InView223 gives researchers the ability to apply novel 1024×768 modulation patterns to an XGA resolution digital micro-mirror device with full electronic functionality to easily test novel modulation patterns for Compressive Sensing, computational photography, structured illumination and a host of other dynamic light modulation and control applications.

The InView223 provides a streaming alternative to batch-mode DMD development kits. Arbitrary mirror patterns are continuously loaded into the SLM using a high-speed PCI Express 2.0 generation 2 by 8 interface. The SLM’s FPGA does not waste time or memory storing these externally generated patterns but immediately loads the newly received patterns onto the DMD.

The InView223 is available in two configurations: the InView223-A with flexible DMD mount, and the InView223-B with a fixed front plate, PCB housing, and sensor mount.

The minimal mechanical construction of the InView223-A provides full access to control electronics and optical access to the SLM at both mirror-switching positions. A 12’” flexible ribbon cable allows freedom in positioning the DMD carrier board that comes with mounting holes for securing it to your mount. Its low profile hardware provides full optical access to the DMD face over a 150º wide cone and freedom for mounting in a variety of positions on the optical bench.

The InView223-B is designed to isolate the modulated optical signal to one of the mirror-switching positions in a compact optical path. The InView223-B features a fixed front plate, total internal reflection prism, off-axis optical blacking, and a sensor mount for quick hardware integration.

Included with both the InView223 models are:

1) A Texas Instruments DLP® .7 XGA 2xLVDS 12o Type A 1024×768 digital micromirror device (DMD)

2) Controller boards with FPGA-based pattern generation PCB with PCIe connector.

3) Output trigger signal to allow the user to synchronize data acquisition with the mirror flips.

4) Linux PCIe device driver and user mode API for streaming patterns across the PCIe bus.


Optionally, InView can supply a set of modulation patterns to get you started developing your own compressive sensing application.

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Diagram of the InView223-B configuration.