InView Technology Corporation Raises $4M in Initial Funding

InView Technology Corporation, a leader in developing compressive sensing cameras and hyperspectral imagers, today announced that it has secured a total of $4M of initial funding. Funding sources include government grants, a strategic investor and R&D contracts.

“Compressive sensing dramatically changes the way cameras are designed,” said Rich Baraniuk, board member of InView and professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rice University. “By applying compression on the front end of the camera instead of after the image has been captured, the camera’s detector hardware is greatly simplified.”

Bob Bridge, chief executive officer of InView, said, “Compressive sensing will revolutionize the architecture of cameras used in a wide variety of applications, including surveillance, maritime navigation, material research, medical imaging and pollution monitoring.”

Compressive sensing provides numerous benefits including higher image resolution at lower cost and reduced cooling requirements for infrared equipment. Additionally, compressive sensing cameras and hyperspectral imagers need to collect and store smaller image files and hyperspectral data cubes, and can perform detection and classification operations on the compressed data, thereby greatly simplifying post processing operations. Also, compressive sensing can accelerate market entry for new detector materials by up to five years.