Phase 1 STTR Awarded to InView for Compressed-Domain Target Detection and Tracking

InView Technology Corporation, creator of the first shortwave infrared camera enabled by Compressive Sensing, has been awarded a Phase 1 STTR by the US Air Force to develop image processing techniques that can be applied to data acquired using compressive sensing without ever reconstructing an image.  These processing techniques, under development at InView with longtime partner Rice University, can effectively detect, locate, classify and follow targets of interest using fewer data than typical image domain algorithms require.  Such algorithms will embed machine vision capability into InView’s current line of compressive imagers for wide ranging applications in robotics, inspection and process control and factory automation.

InView president and CTO, Lenore McMackin says: “Compressed domain processing will even allow us to tackle data-intensive detection problems in Digital Pathology where multi-gigabyte  images are the norm.  We can reduce that problem substantially and provide improved clinical workflows.”