Compressive Color Camera to be Presented at Photonics West 2016

InView will present the design of an imaging spectrometer built using the architecture of the single-pixel camera at Photonics West, February 17, 2016 in San Francisco, CA. The architecture is enabled by the novel sampling theory of compressive sensing implemented optically using the Texas Instruments DLP™ micromirror array, which also provides unique diffractive spectral features that result in a multi-spectral, high-spatial resolution imager design. The new camera design not only provides multi-spectral imagery in a wavelength range that extends from the visible to the shortwave infrared, but provides multiple spectral bands without reduction in spatial resolution.


InView’s Compressive Color Camera Architecture

In addition to the compressive imaging spectrometer design InView also presents a diffractive model of the architecture that allows us to predict a variety of detailed functional spatial and spectral design features.

Meet with InView at Photonics West !

Lenore McMackin: