10 Patents on Compressive Sensing Issued to InView Technology Corporation in 2014

And there are more on the way!

Ten patents were issued to InView Technology Corporation in 2014 covering the implementation and improvement of its Compressive Sensing camera architecture and algorithms.  With its initial product, the InView210™, InView has developed the world’s first SWIR camera based on the computational imaging architecture of compressive sensing.  InView continues to enhance its IP portfolio of 12 issued patents and 10 additional patent applications surrounding the implementation of its unique imaging modality, whose mathematical foundations were developed only within the last decade.  The foundational patent on the single-pixel camera architecture was issued in 2012 to Rice University and, along with other related patents, is exclusively licensed by InView.

Current development projects funded by DoD and NSF grants include a compressive video camera with high speed event detection capabilities.  InView is also developing a multi-spectral camera that can create false-color images combining visible and near infrared wavebands.

InView continues to innovate its compressive sensing architecture and data acquisition strategies to take advantage of its unique computational platform and welcomes licensing and investment inquiries.


Patents Issued in 2014

US 8,634,009 Dynamic range optimization in a compressive imaging system        January 21, 2014

Using differential detection methods and adjustable gain control to maximize the number of bits associated with the digitization of the compressive sensing measurement signal.

US 8,717,463 Adaptively filtering compressive imaging measurements to attenuate noise     May 6, 2014

Analog and digital filtering techniques applied to compressive sensing measurements to reduce zero-mean noise.

US 8,717,466 Dual-port measurements of light reflected from micromirror array              May 6, 2014

A unique way of making complementary measurements from the modulator used in the compressive camera architecture for inferring variations in light levels that contribute to noise

US 8,717,484 TIR prism to separate incident light and modulated light in compressive imaging device          May 6, 2014

Use of an optical prism device that allows the light path to and from the modulator to be made more compact contributing to a reduction in the size of the compressive camera and the use of standardized lenses.

US 8,717,492 Focusing mechanisms for compressive imaging device     May 6, 2014

The computational aspect of compressive sensing is used for the manual and automatic focusing of compressive sensing cameras.


US 8,717,551 Adaptive search for atypical regions in incident light field and spectral classification of light in the atypical regions            May 6, 2014

Algorithms and implementations are disclosed for detecting and classifying regions in the field of view of a compressive camera that are anomalous.


US 8,760,542 Compensation of compressive imaging measurements based on measurements from power meter   June 24, 2014

Using power meter measurements of calibration patterns and other techniques to significantly decrease noise levels in compressive sensing measurements and increasing image quality.


US 8,860,835 Decreasing image acquisition time for compressive imaging devices         October 14, 2014

Mechanisms are disclosed for speeding up the compressive sensing data acquisition process by dividing the field of view into multiple spatial regions, creating several data streams and using multiple detectors in parallel.


US 8,885,073 Dedicated power meter to measure background light level in compressive imaging system   November 11, 2014

Using the signal from a simple dedicated power meter to enhance compressive sensing imaging.


US 8,922,688 Hot spot correction in a compressive imaging system       December 30, 2014

Adaptive control of the modulator within the compressive camera architecture provides the means for automatically aggregating or removing regions in the field of view of a compressive camera that are excessively bright or otherwise of interest or not typical for the scene.


Patents Issued in 2013

US 8,570,406 Low pass filtering of compressive imaging measurements to infer light level variations           October 29, 2013

A method for compensating for background light level variations experienced during compressive measurement acquisition by low-pass filtering the measurements.


US 8, 570,405 Determining light level variation in compressive imaging by injecting calibration patterns into pattern sequence     October 29, 2013

A method for compensating for background light level variations experienced during compressive measurement acquisition using calibration patterns within the series of modulation patterns for compressive imaging.


Issued in 2012

US 8,199,244  Method and apparatus for compressive imaging device

InView has exclusive license for this foundational patent on the single-pixel camera architecture from Rice University.