InView Reduces Cost of Shortwave IR Cameras and Enables Intelligent Analytics with Compressive Sensing

InView is leveraging the latest advancements in Compressive Sensing and its own patent portfolio to reduce the cost of shortwave IR (SWIR) cameras and make them smarter. SWIR cameras have a unique ability to see through fog, dust and smoke, and to characterize material in a laboratory, but have not been widely deployed because of prohibitive costs. By reducing SWIR camera costs dramatically, InView is helping to expand the market by making SWIR images and video available to budget conscience businesses in a wide variety of markets.

InView has an exclusive license to Rice University’s foundational Intellectual Property (IP) which fundamentally defines the concept of CS imaging. That IP was developed and demonstrated at Rice with over $10M in government funding. The Rice University inventing professors are co-founders, advisors and consultants of InView.

With headquarters located in Austin, Texas, the InView engineering and business team has deep experience in CS mathematics and algorithms, opto-mechanical system design, hardware and software design, manufacturing, and business development, and has filed over 25 additional patents which defining techniques required to build practical, high-volume CS cameras. In addition, InView is developing its unique CS architecture into a powerful computational platform for data analytics.

InView’s work in designing and manufacturing standard products has been well funded by investors including Proficio Capital Management, In-Q-Tel and the State of Texas Emerging Technology Fund. On-going research is supported by grants from the US Army and the National Science Foundation.