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InView wins new Phase II STTR for CS Video Camera

InView has been awarded a Phase II STTR grant from the US Air Force to develop a video rate compressive camera from its patented multi-pixel architecture.  Having already harnessed the computational power of the famous Single-Pixel-Camera design, InView has now enhanced

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InView introduces new color CS camera at Photonics West 2016

InView President and CTO, Lenore McMackin, talks about the design behind the company’s latest innovation, a multi-spectral camera that images at 4 wavebands spanning visible to shortwave infrared at the same XGA resolution as its classic InView210.  Her talk will

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Compressive Color Camera to be Presented at Photonics West 2016

InView will present the design of an imaging spectrometer built using the architecture of the single-pixel camera at Photonics West, February 17, 2016 in San Francisco, CA. The architecture is enabled by the novel sampling theory of compressive sensing implemented optically

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Compressive Sensing in Digital Pathology

CS techniques can improve digital pathology workflows.  Whole Slide Images, which are very high resolution digitized versions of patient tissue samples, can be many gigabytes in size.  This enormous size combined with the fact that the great majority of the

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Phase 1 STTR Awarded to InView for Compressed-Domain Target Detection and Tracking

InView Technology Corporation, creator of the first shortwave infrared camera enabled by Compressive Sensing, has been awarded a Phase 1 STTR by the US Air Force to develop image processing techniques that can be applied to data acquired using compressive

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