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Why settle for just a SWIR camera in your lab, when you could have a visible plus multiband SWIR camera instead?

InView’s Compressive Sensing technology results in low-cost, high resolution SWIR cameras. InView has also found that the Compressive Sensing architecture also enables low-cost multi-band imaging that can see both visible light and multiple windows at SWIR wavelengths without complicated spectrometers.

Mastering the Challenges of Compressive Sensing

Compressive Sensing cameras are not built like typical cameras. Typical cameras use a Focal Plane Array (FPA) with a detector diode per pixel. The FPA in a typical camera can sense, all at once, all of the pixels of an

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SWIR Megapixel vs CCD Megapixel Prices

I recently bought a 16 mega-pixel SONY pocket camera from a major big box retailer for $180. The cost per mega-pixel was a little over $10. What a wonderful camera! Contrast that to Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) cameras, where the competitive

SWIR Cameras Should Be Easy To Use….

An inside joke at InView is that I have frequently repeated to our engineering team that our cameras must be usable by someone with early stage dementia. The team must have been listening. On March 1, InView delivered our first

TI DLPs Made Easy

At the heart of InView cameras, is a Spatial Light Modulator (SLM). A SLM is defined as an object that imposes some form of spatially varying modulation on a beam of light. In the case of InView cameras, the SLM