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InView Multi-Pix Camera Demonstrates 1FPS SWIR Imaging

Having already harnessed the computational power of the famous Single-Pixel Camera architecture of the InView210 SWIR imager, InView has now enhanced its speed and image processing capability by incorporating a small array of pixels and new compressive computational methods.  InView

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New IEEE Article Published by InView

InView Technology Corporation InView’s Matt Herman describes his latest compressive measurement selection strategy based on generating matrices endowed with unique information-rich signatures, improving image quality while reducing data requirements and processing time. Check out his contribution in the September issue

Meet with InView at Photonics West

Are you going to San Francisco ?  I will be presenting InView’s newest multi-spectral compressive sensing technology at SPIE Photonics West 2016.  Come hear my talk on Wednesday, Feb 17: Please contact me at to set up a meeting

Multi-Scale Compressive Sensing Technology Revealed in InView’s Latest Patent

InView has invented a new more flexible approach to gathering compressive measurements that simultaneously collects data at multiple resolutions. Sylvester-type Hadamard matrices are typically used as CS measurement patterns by reshaping rows of the matrix into 2D patterns that are

See What’s Inside the World’s First Compressive Sensing Camera

Read InView’s white paper on the InView210™ scientific SWIR camera here:  InView210-CSCameraWhitePaper-Feb2015 . See what’s inside the world’s first high resolution camera built with Compressive Sensing technology.   InView is the clear leader in Compressive Sensing Imaging, and as first mover