SWIR Cameras Should Be Easy To Use….

An inside joke at InView is that I have frequently repeated to our engineering team that our cameras must be usable by someone with early stage dementia. The team must have been listening.

On March 1, InView delivered our first InView210 SWIR camera to our distributor Spectra Services. Spectra has been selling high-performance cameras to advanced laboratory users for many years. Spectra has often had to make more than one trip to the user to get a new camera operational. It can be hard to properly set all the configuration options on the camera, a frame grabber card and on the PC software. The laboratory users get frustrated, and the extra service calls take money away from Spectra’s bottom line.

The March 1 experience for Spectra with the InView210 was in stark contrast. The camera we delivered was mounted onto a Zeiss microscope, a thumb drive inserted into a PC which automatically loaded the InView CompressView GUI on the PC, and an Ethernet cable was plugged into the PC and camera.  Within seconds,  CompressView was showing images from the camera on the PC. It was that easy!

CompressView scans the Ethernet for a camera and automatically connects!

And in a tribute to Steve Jobs, the home page of CompressView provides the user with only a few, simple choices: Do you want to capture an image? Where should the image be stored? And with a slider bar, what image quality would you like?

There are more options provided on a different page of the GUI, but most folks will never go there.

Yes, InView believes in ease-of-use.