See What’s Inside the World’s First Compressive Sensing Camera

Read InView’s white paper on the InView210™ scientific SWIR camera here:  InView210-CSCameraWhitePaper-Feb2015 .

See what’s inside the world’s first high resolution camera built with Compressive Sensing technology.


InSide InView210 High Resolution SWIR Camera


Four printed circuit boards acquire and process compressive data in the InView210

InView is the clear leader in Compressive Sensing Imaging, and as first mover in this field has been able to obtain fundamental and broad IP protection. Our patents cover the implementation and improvement of Compressive Sensing camera architecture and algorithms.  With its initial product, the InView210™, InView has developed the world’s first SWIR camera based on the computational imaging architecture of compressive sensing.  InView continues to enhance its IP portfolio of 13 issued patents and 9 additional patent applications surrounding the implementation of its unique imaging modality, whose mathematical foundations were developed only within the last decade.

InView’s unique platform can address other applications with significant efficiencies in data acquisition, detection and classification tasks, data storage and autonomous decision making.  InView continues to advance compressive sensing’s unique advantages and welcomes licensing and investment inquiries.