Author: Huckster

TI DLPs Made Easy

At the heart of InView cameras, is a Spatial Light Modulator (SLM). A SLM is defined as an object that imposes some form of spatially varying modulation on a beam of light. In the case of InView cameras, the SLM

InView Awarded STTR Grant for Infrared Sensor Solution

InView Technology Corporation, known for its work in Compressive Sensing and Short Wave Infrared imaging has been awarded an STTR contract by the U.S. Army Research Office to perform research on a Compressive Sensing sensor and algorithms that will have

InView announces its Series B financing

InView has received initial funding from its Series B preferred stock financing round led by Cottonwood Capital Partners. Beto Pallares, a General Partner at Cottonwood has joined the InView board of directors. Additional Series B participants are strategic investor In-Q-Tel,

Compressive Sensing papers being presented at the SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing 2012 conference

InView is presenting two papers at the SPIE conference, the first entitled A high-resolution SWIR camera via compressed sensing. The second paper is entitled Compressive Hyperspectral Sensor for LWIR Gas Detection, and is co-authored with Thomas A. Russell from Raytheon

InView is one of five companies chosen in a national competition to present at the INSA American Security Challenge Showcase

This event celebrates the work of small, innovative technology companies that support the intelligence and defense communities. After two rounds of intense review, INSA invited the five top-scoring Challengers to present at the Showcase on Wednesday, February 22 in Arlington,