Surveillance and Military

Observation and monitoring the world around us for safety and security purposes has been greatly enhanced with the invention and application of  various technologies.  With InView’s CS based SWIR imaging solutions, security professionals can deploy various new capabilities in both commercial and battlefield situations allowing observation experts the ability to ‘see through’ some of the most common elements including fog, smoke, sun, and dust.

In addition, SWIR imaging offers different, yet complementary capabilities to long wave (thermal) solutions such as the ability to peer through windows and see object specifics, not just thermal outlines.

Easily deployed for perimeter security or in the battlefield, SWIR imaging is now expanding our ability to see more, accurate, and different information otherwise invisible to the naked eye.”

– Dr. Bob Bridge, InView CEO.

Specific Areas of Interest

With so many areas that can benefit from SWIR imaging, the surveillance and security industry is just now beginning to find applications which SWIR cameras can make a big impact by providing a ‘better set of eyes’.

  • Constant situational awareness required over vast distances, all weather and visual conditions
  • Target identification is critical,  high resolution required
  • FPS not a factor given FOV requirements, range and solid mount
  • Digital output required for current and future systems
  • LWIR and MWIR currently used
  • SWIR provides unmatched screening capabilities
  • High # of units required, lower cost of CS is very attractive

Border Security Checkpoint Management
The US alone shares borders with 2 countries; Mexico and Canada with more than 100 crossing points.

  • Ability to see through car or building windows (unlike thermal cameras)
  • Disguises –individuals wearing ‘fake’ facial hair or other markings appear differently from natural hair

Perimeter Surveillance – Commercial

  • Ability to ‘see through, fog, smog, haze, dust
  • Night vision systems
  • Strong visibility at dusk and dawn hours of limited visible light

On the Battlefield

  • Using IR, illuminate specific areas, only visible to those with IR devices.
  • Virtual unlimited visibility – zero blinding from ‘thermal challenges’
  • Tracking lasers, moving targets,
  • Measuring distances of the enemy
  • Unattended ground sensors

In addition to passenger screening and perimeter surveillance applications noted above, runway management can be significantly improved with the ability to ‘see’ planes on the runway in fog ridden areas.


  • Monitor customers
  • Perimeters
  • Fraudulent activities