Maritime navigation and security has evolved in recent years through the advancement of technology and demand created by new challenges facing open water and inland waterway situations.  Everything from fog, on and off shore, to pirates in the open sea, the requirements for safe transit have changed dramatically in recent years and SWIR imaging is helping resolve common safety problems through its innate ability to provide more visual information during the most challenging times; at night and/or in and around fog or smoke.

Until now, the cost of instrumenting a ship with SWIR has been unrealistic.  With InView’s product offerings, we can now provide the proper navigational equipment to deal with one of the biggest challenges to large and small craft captains: fog.

SWIR is different, yet complementary to thermal and radar systems. While each of these traditional systems  have their place, they don’t solve 100% of the challenges facing today’s maritime industry.

Inland Waterway Navigation & Supply Boats
Time is money. And when the fog rolls in, virtually all supply and tow vessels come to a complete halt. The average loss of revenue when supply vessel operation is halted can exceed $10,000 per day.  With InView SWIR cameras on board, these vessels can operate or navigate to safetey, even at night. No longer do captains need to worry about water-based “junk” otherwise invisible during night-time hours and foggy days.  An InView SWIR camera will enable pilots to see through fog, smoke, and even in the dark of night without the requirement of IR lighting solutions that can only help traditional cameras see short distances.  SWIR leverages ‘night-glow’ which allows for longer distance visibility without artificial lighting (similar to visible cameras).

Off-shore Oil Rigs
Security and on-site management of vessels and aircraft in off-shore environments is difficult on sunny days, however, entities have critical needs that are regularly challenged by external factors such as fog, darkness, clouds, and at times smoke making it sometimes virtually impossible perform regular duties. SWIR imaging can help provide guidance and visibility in these tough situations and keep staff safe from harm as well as enable continued operation.

Nobody expects fog when they set off for a day on the water. But, piloting an expensive boat through fog or in the dark of night is a risky challenge at best. SWIR complements existing navigational equipment by providing captains with real-time visual information about floating debris around them.

Cruise Ships
The application of SWIR cameras on cruise ships hits various areas of importance. Everything ranging from alarm based man overboard (MOB) systems to search and rescue systems where the crew can search the water below in dense fog or in the dark of night.  Connecting InView cameras to existing surveillance systems is trivial due to our adherence to IP and ethernet standards.